Today’s women should take great care in how they look after and care for they lingerie. Lingerie’s are very delicate and can be very easily destroyed if not cared for in the right way. The types of lingerie that are worn by today’s women are very soft and smooth and need to be given great care and responsibility so that their can serve you well.
  You will find that lingerie’s are of different colors and styles and should be separated before washing. Some lingerie are of cotton, lace, spandex and polyester and the reason for the separation before washing them is because you don’t want to spoil them if some of the colors are dye able and that is damaging to them.
In some lingerie you would find some spot but that is due to the oil from the natural fiber that lies within the cotton.
One of the things that I found out about lingerie is that you have to sort them because of the different texture, if not you will ruin when washing them and you should avoid from putting them in the washing machine with towel fabric because the fleece from the towel will cling to them and it is very hard to come off.
 I suggest that washing lingerie by hands is the best way to handle them and you should use a very mild detergent and avoid the dryer and hang them on a line or lay them flat on something so as to keep them from wrinkles because of some of the material that there are made from.
We must remember that a great deal of consideration has to be given when choosing lingerie and detergent because it has to touch the body. Also, using a large amount of detergent is not good because it will be harder on the lingerie.

   Some of us love to wring the clothes but in this case not the lingerie because it will shrink or put it out shape and it tends to sage some what. Keeping them away from clothes that carries button, zips etc, that would also avoid them from getting damage. What is done by many women is that they put some perfume sachets among them to give them that pleasant fragrance and by doing so it also cares for your skin because we women do have different skin type.