Men and Lingerie

   Men are often known to buy lingerie for the woman in their lives. It is a role that has become a part of modern day life in a relationship. But more times that not, the act becomes one of disappointment for the woman who receives such a gift from her man, husband or boyfriend. What can a woman tell a man who is considering buying her such a gift? What things should he consider when making the choice to give her such a gift? How can he be confident he will pick an article that will make her enjoy wearing what he has chosen?

   It is important to buy something she will wear and not be offended by. If she disapprove of extreme lingerie  that makes he feel like a sex slave or hooker, do not select it as a gift. Feeling slutty in an outfit is not for all women. Or, wearing a French maid outfit may be just as bad if she just throw it aside. So know the woman before you buy. A see through or mesh outfit can be a turn off to some women and others may be excited to wear it. Look in her closet and notice what she wears, it will help you to decide what to buy her.

  Find her correct size. If u buy something too small or tight, she may like it or feel fat instead. Go to her draw and find her correct size before u buy. Learn her favorite colors. In doing so, you will increase the chances she will like your gift.

   Ribbons, lace, tassels and other add on are thing of a personal nature will bring a feeling of dislike or joy depending on the woman. So try to discover how she feels about these add on when preparing to buy your sweetie a sexy nightdress. So a man really need to educate him self about the woman and the kinds of lingerie that is available out there in the market. Garter belts, baby doll, slips, teddies and so much more in really in the stores. Do not be ashamed to ask a sales lady in the store to help you. And if you really are shy, shop on line.
It makes no sense to buy her lingerie that she will not wear or feel embarrassed by receiving. As an insurance, keep the sales receipt so it can be returned if it is not for her.
Good luck to all you guy's while buying your ladies lingerie.