Susette Browne

   I am from the beautiful island of Barbados. In my previous life I was  a highly intense and dedicated netball player for one of the top netball teams on the island of Barbados.  In this lifetime I am now the mother of a beautiful teenage daughter and she along with a wonderful man are the center of my life. My sports activities are now restricted to a spectator status.

  This website was created by me as a result of a computer class assignment and I have truly enjoyed the experience with the guidance of the class instructor Carl Hamblin. The creation of this site and writing the articles was fun, a challenged and I can say I have enjoyed the experience.

  The articles may seem a bit "spicy", but how else was I able to get you to come and visit my site? That is just the"Bajan" style, spicy, exotic, sensual and beautiful.   (a Barbadian is at times called a "Bajan")

    In spite of all you might see on my web pages, I am not seeking any type of personal  or "XXX" relationship by means of this web site. So do not comment on my blog seeking to establish one with me. I am happy in my personal life.

   I do find the subject of lingerie interesting  and so that is the focus of my website, perhaps that may change in the future as I explore and seek to develop a writing style and improve my writing skills.

Thank You for visiting this site and enjoy the articles. Your comments are welcomed and actively sought.

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