Edible Lingerie


Are you looking for a sweet and sexy gift to give to your lover, one that you both can enjoy, a gift that is different, exotic and zany? Cast your eyes into the world of edible lingerie. It's a gift that is off the beaten path of gift giving. Igniting a spark in a sexual relationship calls for innovation and creative thinking out side of the box of a mundane sex life. So let us consider edible lingerie.

Edible lingerie is on the market but you have to know where to purchase them, you can not just pop into the neighborhood store and buy them. Things like Candy Bra, Pumpkin Bra, Gummy bra, and Chocolate bra's which are very popular in parts of Europe, (but be careful 100 percent chocolate bras are specially hardened to keep them from melting against the skin). However, this garment won't hold up in hot weather or water. So, if you don't want to indulge in cleaning anything messy, better stay away from the chocolate bras.

There are panties, bras, thongs, nipple pasties, boxer briefs in a variety of styles and flavors. G string panties, the variety is endless and if you can not find exactly what you want, consider making your own edible lingerie, the kind that melts in your mouth and on your lover's body.

Lots of couples like the whipped cream feeling on the body. You cannot buy this kind of bras from any store, but they can be found right in your refrigerators. Get some whipped cream and apply it on your lover's assets. Create the design of your dream, perhaps using two flavors for straight spot on your lover's body.

The feeling, the taste, the fantasy, the kind of moving off the beaten path of vanilla sex can lead to the discovery of a different world of sexual fantasy. What it gives is very personal and private.
So, why wait, go online and buy one for your darling today.

A gift like this can put spice in a relationship and remove sexual boredom for both parties. Just remember that the wild side of you may come into view. So is it so wrong if a couple decides to try something new in the bed room or the kitchen. Edible lingerie are perfect for a mid-night snack.