Men  Wear Lingerie Too

     When we think of lingerie, most of us think of only women wearing it. But that is no true. Men to wear lingerie. It can be just as much fun, sexy and exciting for men too.
There is men's lingerie for enhancement. It covers a lot of ground such as padded briefs,
 Shape Enhancing boxer briefs, shape-enhancing pocket thong, padded butt brief, body trimmer tops, body trimmer shorts and a lot more I will not say on this page.

   Novelty lingers is available also. It can be a fun thing in the bed room to see your man in novelty print lingerie which can include animal prints, lips, racy comments, holiday designs like Santa hat, hearts, and all men favorite like cartoons and superheroes. Hey, we know most men are just big children at heart anyway.

 Ok now…if you are shy do not read any more on this page!

   Many think of thongs as women's wear, there are many kind of the bottom-showing nude looking available for men.  Like the ones for women, g-strings for men leave the entire rear end exposed. A tiny string stretches across the hips and between the cheeks. A pouch in front provides a bit of privacy.

  Animal designs are funny. These thongs use strip of material in the back and leave the butt exposed. The front, though, is a whole different story! See-through pouches.  These are sexy thongs on a whole new level! The pouches are made of materials such as mesh, fishnet, or transparent material. Very little is left to the imagination with these nude look.

  Decorative pouches made of satin; pouches provide complete front coverage. The pouch can be decorated in a variety of ways, including a tuxedo, print, camouflage, animal print, and tie-dye.

   Men underwear can become men lingerie too. It makes for fun and excitement. It does not have to be a bore, white and plain. Men "Straight and Gay", are putting their bodies into Lingerie designed for them. They too are experiences the thrill of it's pleasure.